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You’ve Been Hit by a Dump Truck or Large Gravel Hauler; Now What do You do Now?

Have you or a loved one been hit by a dump truck or a large 18-wheeler gravel hauler? If you have and the wreck was not your fault, it is quite possible that negligence by the driver or his employer was present. In this event, you or your loved one is probably dealing with severe and possibly life-threatening injuries after this catastrophe. Serious injuries that create huge medical bills and probably almost unbearable pain likely result from this unfortunate and untimely incident. And as recovery begins, you won’t be able to work for a long time. More info on this website
This means you’re also suffering lost wages and having a hard time paying your regular bills, in addition to being unable to care for your family as you should. This creates even further stress and drama in your lives as you try to figure out how to get out of this predicament, recover from your injuries as best you can (or deal with a permanent disability), and be fairly compensated for your tragic misfortune. If this needless wreck took that loved one from you, how does your family pick up the pieces and move on with your lives, free from the burden of paying for a mountain of medical and funeral bills? Yes, all this weight you and your family must bear because someone else was negligent can be life-shattering.

Large dump trucks and gravel haulers always seem to be in a hurry, carrying their earthen loads from a construction zone to wherever they are to dump them, then scurry back to the construction site again to pick up more. They can carry as many as seven or eight loads in a single day between locations. Did we say they are in a hurry? Make that in a HURRY! On freeways, they always seem to be going five to 15 miles per hour faster than traffic flow. On streets and boulevards, they blow through intersections and rush to and fro like they’re “hell-bent on Texas.” When was the last time you saw a dump truck or gravel hauler that didn’t look like it had been to war and back? Most look like they’ve been “rode hard and put away wet.” In other words, many of them don’t look very safe. A lot of them aren’t.

If you have been injured by one of these blundering vehicles or if a loved one was injured or killed in one, our dump truck accident Law Office is fully capable and prepared to help you. Over the past 20 years, we have won many judgments for our clients and have litigated hundreds of commercial trucking accidents on behalf of our injured victims and their families. We know you’re in pain right now, dealing with a lot of stress and struggling to hold up under the additional financial weight you must bear after being involved in one of these horrible accidents. We’ll be honest with you. You will face many challenges in your quest to seek just compensation for your injuries. They can often be just as arduous as the injuries, pain, and stress caused by the wreck. Hopefully, you will discover – for your sake, sooner than later – that you need experienced legal help to fight for your rights successfully. This is why our Law Office feels it is essential to know every legal avenue available so that you can take the right action to win just and fair restitution for your injuries, pain, suffering, lost income, and other rightful damages.